What is Yes?


Yes is for every body

This is a shame-free, guilt-free, judgement-free place for all things sexy. We believe that consenting adults should explore anything that brings joy into their lives. Your desires and your body aren’t just valid, they’re delicious.

Yes is easy

If it makes you feel comfortable in your skin, that is your yes. We want to bring the ideas, inspiration, and tools to help you discover your yes, whatever it might be. Playful, nasty, sensual, kinky, sweet, smart, dirty? Yes.

Yes Is Us

Yes Is Sexy is a small (very small) company in Northern CA with no employees, no brick and mortar location, and no money. We do, however, have big ass dreams and plans that involve creating a queer and kink friendly, education-based space that promotes consent culture and encourages sexual authenticity. We love all the flavors of life and want to share them with you.