Disclaimer: none of these people are in any way affiliated with Yes Is Sexy. They don’t endorse us, and we don’t necessarily agree with all of their views or opinions. They’re just awesome fucking people and you should check them out.

American Sex Podcast

Want to be an American Fucker? We bet you do. That’s what Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg, the hosts of American Sex, call their fans. And that’s about the flavor of this podcast, a show where the hosts are warm, funny, bold and affectionate. These two seasoned sex educators make fantastic co-hosts, likely because they make a fantastic couple. Their energy together is super smooth and they bring that energy, along with a boatload of intelligence and conversational ease, to talking about the wonderful world of alternative sexuality. We highly recommend this one.

Violet Blue


Violet Blue lives at the interesting and often controversial intersection between sex and tech. She’s a sex educator, a journalist and an author and her blog runs deep. From erotica to porn to news to educational resources, it seems like tiny nibbles (the blog) and open source sex (the podcast) are an attempt to arm the reader with everything they could possible need to make informed decisions in sex, tech and privacy. Honestly, it’s a lot, and pretty fucking impressive.

Dangerous Lilly


Dangerous Lilly is a blogger that calls herself a sex toy critic and dildo burner. This blog is for the folks that want real, hard facts about sex toys and like a rough and tumble experiment. See the jelly melt in a jar, see the fake silicone melt! Lilly is particularly good for finding out exactly what toys are made of and how safe they are. She has relatively few recommendations because she’s a critic, not a reviewer and not a salesman, but because she’s so thorough and so picky, she practically guarantees the toys she does recommend.

Rain DeGrey


She’s a performer, an educator, an activist, a blog writer, an advice columnist, a podcaster, a Dirty Talk Game Show champion… She seems to be everywhere, doing everything, particularly if you’re anywhere near the kink scene in northern California. She’s hot as fuck, she takes pain play like a beast, she dunks other beautiful women in holy water and then makes them choke on her strap-on cock… Shit, what doesn’t she do? Sleep, maybe? It seems likely.

The podcast Rain produces with her Daddy Chris is particularly worth checking out. They have great chemistry together complete with adorable “on air” back and forths and bloopers. It’s funny because you wouldn’t guess that hyper-intelligent pain-players like these two would be so cute. At the same time the cuteness doesn’t distract from the fact that each monthly podcast is fascinating, smart, and usually painstakingly researched. It’s a real good time.

Ersties Podcast


Ersties podcast is a peek into the world of ethical and fair-trade porn through the eyes of female filmmakers, porn producers & models. They chat, they share their opinions, they laugh a lot, and most of them have extraordinarily sexy accents. It feels like a refreshing and necessary take on the adult film industry and sex in general. You can also check out their porn at https://en.ersties.com. Real girls, real fantasies, real fucking.

Hey Epiphora


Kinky Queer Revolution


A podcast from the Wicked Grounds family that continues their mission to provide kink education and create community. These people are wonderfully smart, honest, open, and experienced and want to share what they’ve got. The show often sounds like a living, breathing Fucktionary, because they do take great care to be inclusive of the uninitiated by explaining themselves as they go. Basically they are massive kink nerds and want you to be your kinky, nerdy self too. While we’re at it, if you’re ever in San Francisco, go check out Wicked Grounds. It is a fantastic hub for the kink community that serves as a coffee shop, a boutique, and a meeting space for all the local kinksters.

Perverted Podcast


A newbie friendly, humor based, kink/BDSM/poly lifestyle podcast that feels really open and approachable. They laugh a lot, they digress even more, they sing jingles, and most of all they nerd out on kinky lifestyle topics. Listening to perverted podcast is like butting in on a bull-shit session between close friends, and you might even learn something new.

Dan Savage



Everybody knows Dan Savage (and his super hot husband, Terry) by now, right? If not, you’re in for a treat, or a rough ride, depending on what you’re into. Dan is a sex, relationship & lifestyle advice guy who always works in a healthy dose of sexual politics, and pulls no punches when he dishes out his opinion. He also has a tendency to coin new terminology, check out GGG and Santorum in the Fucktionary if you don’t already know.

Shameless Sex Podcast


Witch of the Wands