If they Build it, You will Come:

A list of some of our favorite makers.


Bad Dragon


High-quality, silicone, fantasy toys in a crazy array of options from a biggish company with an artisan touch. BD has pre-made versions of all their different styles, but they’re also able to custom pour a huge variety of colors and different levels and combinations of firmness. It’s kind of a best of both worlds deal between the selection and customer service of a big company with the customization of a little shop.


Bound Bunny Rope


Bound Bunny Rope makes gorgeous hand-dyed cotton Shibari rope. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including candy tones, jewel tones and beautiful ombres. You can buy rope pre-dyed or customized.


Candy Straps


Candy Straps is a UK harness and under-bed restraint maker. Like the name suggests, all of their stuff comes in gorgeous candy colors, which is disappointingly rare in usual kink fare. If your BDSM lives more on the playful side, Candy Straps are the obvious choice.


Crystal Delights


Twinkly, magical, hand-blown glass to shove up your butt (and other places). These toys are the high-quality answer to those cheap and dangerous “princess” plugs you see everywhere. And for the animal players, they have tails!


Dread the Empire


These folks don’t have a huge selection of designs like some of the bigger fantasy toy makers, but what they lack in options they fully make up for in gorgeous color work. Their specialty seems to be semi-translucent silicone in candy color fades. Really, the only word is gorgeous.


Fairy Lust


Fairy lust is a fantasy sex toy shop with a decent selection of stuff, including the classic dragon dicks and unicorn horns. Where they really shine, though, is their weird shit, like a Rick and Morty inspired pickle dildo, a Pikachu themed butt plug, Star Wars themed dildos, rattlesnake tail and cactus dildos, a Batman inspired plug and on and on.




Silicone fantasy toys that come in various styles, like dildos modeled after wolves, sea creatures, horses, robots, aliens and something called a bog beast. They also have a very cool looking stroker called Axa the Singularity. Most of Fantasticocks’ work come in sweet marbled color schemes.


Funkit Toys


Funkit is one of our favorite toy makers right now, particularly since Funkit is just a queer guy named Kenton who puts Fucksmith on his business cards. This company is smart, forward-thinking and principled. The toys are gender neutral, as all toys should be, modular, and beautifully made. Many of them are clear silicone with stunning swirls of color suspended inside. Then there’s the NoFrillDo, a simple, inexpensive, opaque silicone dildo that comes in three shapes and four colors. Kenton makes the NoFrillDo because he believes in making body-safe sex toys accessible to us broke folks. How cool is that?


Geeky Sex Toys


Just what it sounds like, sex toys for geeks! They’ve got a ton of geek culture based toys with cheeky names like The Night Kink dildo from their Game of Moans collection, or Darth Vibrator, Hand Solo, and the Hellbone Dildo of Doom. They’ve got a Dildoda and a C3plug. They’ve got a whole Who collection, a Captain Anal plug, and a D20 ball gag… We could go on since their selection is impressively large. These folks are just too cool.


Goblin Dildo Emporium


This shop makes silicone fantasy dildos in 6 different styles, Horse/Pony, Krampus, Yeti, Dwarf, Tentacle and Royal Hound, all of which can be customized. They’ve got a large selection of pearlescent and neon colors, and more size options for some of their designs than we’ve seen anywhere else.


HodgePodge Entourage


Another silicone fantasy toy maker, but these folks have really unique designs. It seems like everyone has variations along the same theme, but Hodgepodge has the Alraune, the Changeling, the Sylph, the Hero, the Qilin and the Nue. The person who makes these things has a cool aesthetic and an obvious eye for beauty in form and function. They do periodic stock drops that sell out super fast, but you can also order customs in between drops or if you want a special color combo.


Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is a luxury brand, but they make our list because of their unique focus on using tech from outside the adult industry to make sexual pleasure more accessible for everyone. It’s that accessibility bit that really revs our motor, there are very few companies than even consider how accessible their toys might be, let alone make it a primary focus.


Kritter Klips


A San Francisco company that primarily makes adorable, clip-on pet-play ears. They also do tails and wearables, but those ears are the real draw. They are beautifully crafted and come in natural tones and a huge array of wild colors. They can be simple or ornate, plain or with piercings, velvet or sequins. Obviously, these things are also huge on the festival scene, but for our purposes, it’s all about the pet play.


Kudu Voodoo


Kudu Voodoo is another company that has a cool, unique take on the silicone fantasy toy. Their work is super sculptural and has it’s own dramatic aesthetic. There are several kinds of textured egg, a fascinating winged cock called Lena the Heaven Walker, and a strange tentacle-type dil called Asethia the Whatsamacallit. Even their requisite dragon cock looks a little different than the usual. Maybe the most interesting piece is their newest, a straight up vulva squishy. We’re not sure what it’s for, but we like it a lot.


Love Crafters Toys

They characterize themselves as makers of “geeky, playful, whimsical and fun adult fantasy toys,” and they basically nailed it, particularly with the playful and whimsical part. This shop is the fantasy toy wonderland for the little in your life. Everything is candy colored or neon, even the tentacles and squid butt plugs. They also tend to make food based toys like popsicles, strawberries and cake. It’s all kind of ridiculously cute. They definitely aren’t the most polished makers, there are often flaws in their pours, but the cute though!


Lust Arts


Lust Arts is small but seriously mighty. Their fantasy dildos are beautifully crafted and unlike anything else you can find out there. They make a Mermaid and an alien creature called a Lust Burster in particular that just slay. They also have a wildly detailed Frankenstein’s monster cock complete with stitching. Then there is the Mosswood Dragon head and a unicorn horn. Aside from the unicorn horn, all of these dils look like a texture lover’s wet dream. They also seem to be one of the only fantasy dil makers that offer a dual density option on all their toys and a detachable double sided suction cup.


NY Toy Collective


This company aims to foster sex-positive culture and support all forms of gender expression through the craft of high quality silicone dildos. They make really beautiful dils, particularly the hyper-realistic ones and also seem to be the only maker that offers an uncut packer. You can even have a silicone toy modeled after your own body parts with their cutting edge 3D scanning technology. We haven’t heard of anyone else offering that yet.


Outlandish Creations

This is the only company on our list (and a luxury company at that) that doesn’t make sex toys. Outlandish creations actually make bespoke personalized bone china. We love them because they make precious, old-fashioned tea ware with phrases like “bitch,” “motherfucker,” “I love cock,” and “anal maniac.” It’s cheeky fun and the ceramics are really beautiful anyway.


Pleasure Forge


These folks make stunning silicone fantasy cock. The colors are smooth and intricate and almost always look like some kind of stone. We think the makers might have worked at a gem and mineral shop before they turned to making dong. We’re also betting that they’re D&D folk since most, if not all, of their toys are in their Dungeons and Dongs line. The most unique of all is their Dragon’s Egg, a lovely, scaly butt-plug that comes in several sizes.


Simply Elegant Glass


This maker crafts glass sex toys so gorgeous we can hardly stand it. If you’re a fan of glass dildos, you should get one of these inside you asap. For an added bonus, you could leave one of these out in the open when prudish company comes over and they will never know, because they’re so pretty and sculptural. One thing we’re not sure about is their butt plugs. Based on Simply Elegant’s images, it looks like some of them have bases that are smaller than the widest point of the plug, which means they’re not safe for anal use. Unless you like going to the ER with objects lodged inside you. If you want a plug, because they are stunning, you might want to message the maker and get exact dimensions first.


Split Peaches

Split Peaches makes a few cool things, but our favorite is their new Steam Punk inspired line called MechaDong. The Rivetor comes in four metallics and a rainbow shade, four sizes and three firmness options. The Screw You comes in Metallic Silver or Rainbow, three sizes and three firmness options. They’ve also got some neat Unicorn Horns that come in a variety of options as well. Aside from MechaDong, our favorite thing about Split Peaches is their involvement in the adult community. They offer an affiliate program, a discount for sex toy reviewers, and they host frequent giveaways. Pretty cool.


Strange Bedfellas


Our favorite Strange Bedfellas piece is the Dragon claw. It’s got a fascinating shape and a ton of texture that seems like it would make for a fun ride. Really, all of their fantasy dils seem to have a lot of cool shape and texture. We also love their color palette which includes a lot of pretty, shimmery pearlescents. We’re also huge fans of their sticker line, which tops any other fantasy toy maker. Who doesn’t want a “Monster Fucker” sticker? One thing to look out for is their Emme Egg, they are meant largely for getting squishy feels outside of your body. They could be used vaginally, though they might be difficult to remove, but they’re definitely not recommended for anal. It’s too bad because textures. We will just have to wait patiently for their butt plug line.




Tantus is an old-school silicone maker, and from the very start put focus on prioritizing health, safety and pleasure. Back in ‘97 very few people knew that silicone was body-safe or that it was an option in sex toy construction, so companies kept pumping out poisonous garbage and people kept using it. Then, Metis Black, the founder of Tantus, came on the scene on a mission to educate and satisfy. Today, Tantus is still slaying in the adult toy industry and have made themselves a staple company by making incomparably high-quality products. Can you tell that we’re fans?


Twin Tail Creations


There is something about the way Twin Tail Creations handles their colors and modeling that we just love. It’s hard to describe, but they’re all just so damn smooth. The fades look effortless and their molds must be insanely polished because the surface textures are so smooth that they shine. If you want texture that makes penetration feel like you’re driving down a bumpy dirt road, Twin Tails might not be the answer. These things look like they’ll make you float.

logo (1).png

Twisted Monk


Twisted Monk makes awesome, high-quality, bondage rope in a variety of options. Their primary type of rope is hemp in an variety of colors, lengths and thicknesses. They’ve got kits for the newest beginner or the most seasoned pro. They’ve got everything you need for every kind of bondage from basic bedroom, to Shibari, to suspension. They’ve got instructional books and DVDS, safety equipment, carrying gear, suspension hardware, and vaginal and anal hooks made for use with rope. Basically, Twisted Monk has everything you might need if you want to play with rope.




Ever heard of an “artisanal dildo?” Well, you have now because that is exactly what Uberrime makes. These dildos are hand-made from start to finish by one guy named Marco. You can tell he values both form and function and is meticulous with his craft. People rave about Uberrime dildos and as far as we can tell, all the hoopla is well-justified.

logo (2).png

Vixen Creations


Vixen is best known for VixSkin, their trademarked dual density silicone. VixSkin feels super realistic and comes in realistic flesh tones and cool colors and patterns. Their newest version of VixSkin is VixSkin X, which is so lifelike, they don’t call it a dildo, they call it a prosthetic. If you want real, VixSkin is the way to go. They also make VixArt, which is what they call their limited edition art dildos that are released periodically throughout the year.


XenoCat Artifacts


Xenocat is another silicone fantasy dildo maker that seems to excel at wild and fascinating textures. Their tag line is “are you ready to embrace the unknown,” which seems appropriate since they aren’t as focused on identifiable animal shapes, real or imagined. There are no dragons or werewolves here, but there is some trippy alien-esque shit, and it looks like a lot of fun to play with.