Review: Doc Johnson’s Mood - Naughty

 Caveat: I purchased this butt plug myself a few years ago, but decided to review it now, because it’s a super basic staple of my toy collection and might be of interest to anyone looking to engage in some “Butt Stuff 101.” I’m in no way associated with Doc Johnson, I’m sure they have no idea that I exist, but I am confident enough about this toy, that I decided to offer it for sale in my shop. It also comes in medium, large, and XL sizes and there is a training kit that includes the first three sizes if you want to work your way up to a more intense stretch.

I’d say that the Doc Johnson: Mood – Naughty butt plug, size small, is the safest and gentlest possible introduction to anal play a person could choose, aside from a single finger drenched in lube and held very still. I happen to be an anal amateur, with way more curiosity than experience and this plug worked perfectly for my tastes.

In my mid-twenties, I had a couple of bad “painal” experiences with a boyfriend that was too big for a raw beginner like myself. We were both deeply inexperienced, which led to rushing into something that could have been pleasurable for both of us but ended up being miserable for me. Since that experience, up until a few years ago, so for roughly a decade, I have been in lock down mode. I guess you could say I have anal anxiety. There was also some super old shame stuff mixed in, so it took me a long time to have any desire to try again.

Despite any anxiety I might have, it turns out that I still have an even more powerful desire to stretch myself (pun acknowledged), test my boundaries, and find new avenues of sexual experience and enjoyment. This need to experiment led me to purchase the smallest, most innocuous butt plug I could find, which turned out to be the Doc Johnson: Mood – Naughty, with a grand total of three insertable inches. It comes in two colors, black and pink, and I chose black because I’m goth like that. I also chose this plug, because it was made entirely of silicone and had a large enough anchor, or handle that I felt confident it wouldn’t get lost inside me.

When the plug arrived, I decided to use it solo to start with, as an aid to masturbation. I had heard that some anal stimulation can intensify an orgasm. Whoever I heard that from was correct. So, I lubed up the plug, I lubed myself up and I placed my new toy. It was easy to insert and after I was done it was relatively easy to get out, though I will say that the sensation of putting the plug in and having it in were much nicer than when it was removed. There was some natural anal anxiety resistance to pulling something out of my ass, and that combined with lubey fingers made for a less than smooth exit. I was definitely glad for the pronounced handle. Also, the first time you pull anything out of your butt, it will feel like you’re pooping and though that may be hot for some, it’s not in my erotic wheelhouse at all.

The best part of using this toy was the discovery that not only was my ass capable of withstanding a small amount of penetration, but it was also capable of having nice feelings. Bit by bit, I have also used this toy to help resolve those previously mentioned, outmoded shame issues. Yay, healing! I also found out that a vibrator placed against the base of a silicone plug creates a super nice humming feeling that is very arousing. My next mission will be to find a vibrating plug that will work for me.

Like I said before, the Doc Johnson: Mood – Naughty butt plug has become a staple of my collection. Overall, it’s a super safe and gentle way to dip a toe into anal play.

-B. Vicious